Technology for hardfacing grinding components of vertical mills and roller presses
On site In workshop
Since 1993, IBERMAROS has specialized in hardfacing grinding components of vertical roller mills and roller presses. With more than 800 jobs carried out worldwide, we are recognized as a leader in this field.

Our qualified and well trained teams are very flexible and can meet your demand on short notice, either operating on site or in the workshop.

IBERMAROS has developed its own automated welding equipment. They are easy to carry and especially adapted for welding on site. Our objective is always to reduce the downtime of your mill. To achieve this, we work 24/24H with multiple welding heads allowing high deposition rates.

The welding consumables used by IBERMAROS have a constant quality and have been especially designed in collaboration with our suppliers-partners. The selection of the alloys depends on the wear constraints for each application. The high concentration of very hard carbides present in the weld deposit offers a high resistance against abrasive wear. As a result, a component hardfaced using the IBERMILL technology will resist in service twice as long as a traditional cast component as an average. The hardfacing solution offers many other advantages and generates subsequent maintenance savings.

Advantages of the hardfacing solution

Choosing the right partner for the maintenance of your mill is a strategic decision. Our experience is a guarantee of performance for your equipment. This is the reason why all major cement and power producers trust in IBERMAROS and its high quality services made by specialists.


Hardfacing on site
Table hardfaced in the workshop
Roller hardfaced in the workshop
OK mill: hardfacing on site
Harfacing of roller press
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