Vertical mills: advantages of the hardfacing solution
Compared with the replacement by new cast components
Your Benefits

Hardfacing philosophy

Rebuilding regularly the rollers and the table in order to maintain an optimized profile during the entire service life of the grinding components and achieve the best production efficiency of your mill. This solution offers many advantages compared to the replacement by new cast components:

Higher production output

Hardfacing leads to minimizing downtimes and allows constant optimized grinding conditions. Without hardfacing, the wear which develops directly affects the efficiency of the mill.

Depending on the type of mill, 10% extra production can be achieved as an average with the hardfacing solution.

Longer service life and reduced acquisition cost

A component hardfaced with the IBERMILL technology has a wear resistance twice as long as a traditional cast component as an average.
The same component can be hardfaced several times whereas a traditional cast component cannot be recycled once it is worn out.

Reduced energy consumption

Due to optimized working conditions of the mill with hardfaced grinding components.

Preservation of the mill

Less vibrations, smoother running due to optimized working conditions.

Savings on spare parts

No need to have a full set of spare parts Reduction of capital immobilization.

Environment friendly

Recycling of the worn parts and reduction of CO2 emissions due to less energy consumed.

Flexibility of maintenance

The best time for replacing worn cast components by new ones does not always match with the programmed shutdown. Delaying the replacement may increase the risk of cracks dramatically. Anticipating the replacement will generate losses of service life.

Hardfacing can be carried out over a wide period of time, without increasing the risks of crack or affecting the mill performance.

Hardfacing on site
Table before hardfacing
Table after hardfacing
Roller before hardfacing
Roller after hardfacing
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