Applications per industry
Cement industry

Lining of vertical mills and mixers and crushers, cyclones, fans and fan casings, separators, feed chutes, feeding hoppers, ducts, conveyors, transportation pipes and tubes, baffle plates, sifter cascade, scrappers, nozzle ring, etc.

Coal-fired power stations

Lining of vertical mills, coal dust fans and fan casings, feed chutes, feeding hoppers, coal dust distributors, transportation pipes and tubes, scrappers for slag removal, etc.

Iron and steel industry

Slides, screens, fans and fan casings, lining of mills and crushers, ducts, transportation pipes and tubes, feed chutes, feeding hoppers, cyclones, separators, armoring of blast furnace.

Mining, quarrying, sand and gravel, earthmoving

Bucket and shovels, chutes, screens, grids, discharge tables, lining of crushers, conveyors systems, channels, rotating excavator wheels.

Recycling and waste incineration

Screens, screw conveyors, transport tubes and pipes, hoppers, chutes, lining of crushers, ducts, wall protection of grinders

Other industries

  • Glass industry and building materials
  • Chemical industry
  • Foundry and coke plants
  • Pulp and paper and wooden industry
  • Brick and tile, ceramic industry
  • Ready mix concrete industry
  • Cereal, sugar and oil industry
  • Dredging and tunnel drilling industry

IBERPLATE product range
Protection of roller support
Nozzle ring in vertical mill
Fan blades
Lining of vertical mill
Vertical mill dam ring
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